Thursday, January 17, 2013

January Club Meeting

Good turnout for the January meeting, lots of good winter warmers to sample, thanks to everyone who attended.

January Meeting Agenda

  • January Style: Winter Warmers
  • Collected dues for official membership
  • Announced Club Officials
    • Chance Davis - President
    • Michael Pezely - Vice President 
    • Kyle (?) - Treasurer 
  • Discussed club tasting glasses - Majority decision for members to bring their own tasting glasses as custom glasses are a little cost prohibitive.
  • Discussed club shirt options and logo placement
  • Beer tasting format - Format for tastings going forward will be as follows: 1. blind tasting followed by discussion 2. brewer is announced and is given opportunity to discuss their beer 3. further club discussion/critique if needed before moving on to next beer.
  • Club competitions - regular meetings will consist of informal tastings/critiques, club will host members' only formal competitions bi-annually with a specific style/theme announced at prior meetings.
  • Announced March Club Style : Pale Ale
Thanks to Phil for taking the minutes and a big thanks again to Vince for hosting the meeting!

Monday, November 12, 2012

November Club Meeting

Thanks to Vince for hosting the club meeting last night, and to everyone who attended. I think we were all very envious of Vince's awesome setup.

November Meeting Agenda

  • Club Competion : Porter - Chance will be compiling results and will post them to the competion page when completed
  • Discussed future club meeting venues - Vince offered to host December, future options TBA
  • Voted on club logo - majority vote for Kris's design
  • Discussed club tasting glass options - majority vote for imprinted glasses to be retained by club members
  • Announced January Club Competition : Winter Warmer [this falls under category 19 - Strong Ale in the BJCP guidelines, but there may be some clarification on the guidelines for the club competition] 

If anyone took pictures, took minutes, or has any other items of business to post here, please send them to and I will post them a.s.a.p.

Update: So, reading the comments, we are categorizing Winter Warmers for the competition under style 21B. Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer if everyone is in agreement. If you google search "winter warmer," it also comes up under category 19.